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Our eye examiniation

More than
an eye test

We do more than just a regular eye test. Our specialists can advice you about the prescription spectacle lenses that fits your lifestyle. That way your have sharp vision, whatever your eyes will face during the day.

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We care for your eyes

Before we measure the strength of your eye we like to get to know you better. By understanding your lifestyle we can get a clear picture of your vision profile. We explain all the different types of lenses and together we discover which lens solution will be most suitable to you. Of course we measure your prescription during your appointment and give you advice about the styles of frames that match you and your face.

Your vision solution in four steps

  • Discover what
    you need

  • Free eye test to
    determine your strength

  • Assessing your
    eye health

  • 3D photo for optimal
    viewing comfort

1. Discover what you need

We start the appointment with a conversation. We inventorize the kind of job you have and what you like to do in your spare time.  Based on the answers given, we can get a clear picture of your vision profile and which lens solution will be most suitable for you. If you work a lot with computers you might need different lenses than when you spend a lot of time in the car. A water sports enthusiast needs different lenses than a golf player or a cyclist. Sometimes a combination of solutions is best for you, which can also be a combination of lenses and contact lenses.

2: Free eye test to determine your strength

A clear vision starts with a good eyesight test. With our most advanced equipment we determine the strength of your eyes. After the eyesight test we know if you need glasses or contact lenses. You also find out if you are far-sighted, near-sighted or if you need multifocal glasses. This eye test is free.

3: Assessing your eye health

During your eye examination we can determine the health of your eyes. We measure your eye pressure and take a picture of your retina. Such an extensive eye examination costs € 50,- but is free when you buy glasses with prescription lenses in one of our stores. When further examination is needed, we make an appointment with our optometrist who can do an extended eye examination. An optometrist can examine your eyes when you have cataract, dry eyes or glaucoma for instance. They can also refer you to an eye doctor.

4: 3D photo for optimal viewing comfort

To accomplish optimal viewing comfort, we take a 3D photo with our advanced ZEISS Visufit system, to determine the perfect postition of your new lenses in your glasses. Nine synchronized cameras capture a 180° view of your face in a single shot and create an avatar, enabling precise virtual 3D centration of your lenses and the right distance between your pupil and the lens. Do you wear contact lenses? The ZEISS Visufit system makes a scan of your cornea to position your contact lenses for optimal sight in all directions.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an eye examination cost?

A standard eye test is free. A more extensive eye examination with health check costs € 50,- but is free when you purchase glasses with prescription lenses in one of our stores.

When do I need an eye examination?

When you don’t experience eye strain or have any complaints we advice you to have an eye examination every two years to check if your eyesight has changed. Of course you can come by sooner if you have any complaints or just want to be sure. Did you have a cataract operation? We advice you to have a new eye examination. Just make sure you are fully recovered from the operation and have a green light from your eye doctor.
Your eyesight can temporary change during pregnancy because of changes in your hormone levels. We advice you to make an appointment after your pregnancy.

Can I make an appointment for my child?

Yes, you can make an appointment for your child if he or she is older than 8 years of age. Kids between the age of 8 and 10 will have their eyes examined by our optometrist. Kids 10 years and up will have their eyes examined by an optician. Is your child aged 7 or younger? Than you should visit an eye doctor.

Do you have prescription sunglasses?

Yes, of course we have prescription sunglasses. When you have chosen the sunglasses you like we look at all the different types of ZEISS sunglass lenses that offer fashionable UV protection and extremely clear vision outdoors in the sun. We have a wide range of colours, coatings, polarised lenses and even adaptive lenses that can go from clear to sunglass lenses or from a light shade to a dark shade of sunglass lenses. Ask our specialists about all the possibilities.

Discover your style

What type of frame suits you? Round, squared or cat-eyed? What colours do you like and are you more into metal frames or more attracted to acetate frames? Whatever your style, our specialist can help you find your new glasses or sunglasses from brands like Lindberg, Lunor, Moscot, Mykita, Chanel and Tom Ford. Take a look at our collection or drop by in one of our six stores to see the full range of styles, shapes and colours.

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